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This year, they'd be lucky to get more than 30, people. The Fries are available in small, medium and large sizes. I have been a customer here for a few years now and I always see him working harder than those around him.

Both of these looked more like mini burritos. Hope you like em short and curly. Taco Time has become a licensee with the rights to the franchise and operate Taco Time concept independently. The last time we went and corrected them we were met with sarcasm and little care for the issue.

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This homestyle tortilla is just perfect for an American breakfast with a Mexican touch. There were also a few restaurants opened in Greece in the s which were later closed. The rice though nice and sticky, and Taco time dumplings were great with their dipping sauce. I thought it was strange my tots weren't in a carton like normal And I said, "All I wanted was to be spoken to with respect and I am just trying to know why my food is not ordered.

Kids being accidentally inappropriate is a curiously viral thing. Wonderful employee, he definitely deserves some recognition. Everybody born that year. Every time this older lady is working the window, usually rush hour after work, I never get my full order.

But not by murdering everything in his path while sliding down flagpoles and gathering power-ups that Bowser really should've removed beforehand: I am happy to say I sent an email to the Renton headquarters about my situation. Taco Time is no doubt providing fresh, good quality and delicious Mexican food in low prices and should be the top choice for anyone who wants to get a mouthful of spicy and crispy Taco on their Saturday afternoon.

The food here is normal for a taco time but literally every time I go here they forget something on our order. Again - I complained and they replaced it. The service and the staff of the food chain are very positive and friendly with their customers and they always try to make healthy relationships with customers to provide them satisfied with the great mouth-watering food.

She said, "Oh, hiiii. They at least have trained their employees. The stuffed mexi fries are the potato nuggets which are filled with creamy cheddar cheese and diced jalapeno peppers.

I am angry and I feel violated, so say the very least. We unfortunately won't be going back, ever. This one is located in Federal Way near Tacoma. Everything here is made fresh and it shows. Next time I will get extra spicy.

Taco Time This business is eligible to be claimed by a local representative in addition to corporate. The egg on top is optional, but recommended. The food is two star at best, The staff was really nice but the first time I visited my food took forever.

The price for everything is pretty decent. Our dedicated Taco Time team will assist you with important pre-opening steps such as site selection, design and construction, as well as a grand opening plan. He even took the time to make sure that my meal was tasting okay.

The unfortunate reality is, this "fast food" chain can't compete with the big boys. You know what else is 25 years old.

Taco Time, Columbia

Instead of asking her employee to leave so that she could hear me out, she let her abusive employee, Sam, the angry, wanna be gangsta millennial yell and cuss at me. With customer service said he didn't know what the problem was. She must be very dumb because I work in healthcare and the symptoms of food poisoning can start hours after consuming bad food.

My bad I guess. Sometimes there are plenty of beans on the burrito, sometimes it's mostly lettuce. Taco Time This business is eligible to be claimed by a local representative in addition to corporate.

Also a fan of the small ice. Taco Time (stylized as TacoTime) is an American fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food.

The chain has over locations in the US and Canada. It was founded in Eugene, Oregon in by Ron Fraedrick. History. The chain was founded in Eugene, Oregon, by Ron Fraedrick, who opened the first restaurant near his alma mater, the University of Oregon, at 13th Avenue and High Founded: January ; 58 years ago, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.

The first time I tried this place, I ordered a fish taco and a shrimp taco (the shrimp taco was like a special limited time item) - both soft tacos, and both just ok.

I Cuisine: Mexican. 21 reviews of Taco Time "I learned that Taco Time is like local Taco Bell if Washington state so that's pretty cool. They have several locations and restaurants throughout the state. This one is located in Federal Way near Tacoma.

It is a stand Cuisine: Mexican. TacoTime is an upscale quick service restaurant chain that specializes in freshly prepared, home-style Mexican food.

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I like taco time, but this location isn't the best. Food is not consistent. Not very clean. But it's a good location. The tacos haven't changed in years, and I like that.4/5(10). The new Taco Time NW App will combine the conveniences of a traditional website experience (menu, nutritional, and location information) with exciting new features such as mobile payment, rewards/loyalty, and digital Cactus Cards.

Taco time
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